(Hong Kong—Nov. 12, 2019) Hong Kong police injured at least 60 students yesterday during a clash at a university campus.

The officials claimed they were illegally assembled and broke onto the school grounds without a warrant.

The authorities fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and a water cannon loaded with chemicals and dye at the students and journalists.

These events came just after a few violent days in the former British colony, which is experiencing as part of a series of ongoing protests. One police officer shot a protester at close range. The wounded man is now in the hospital.

Another man, who is pro-China, was doused in flammable liquid and set ablaze in a video. However, ChinaAid Founder and President Bob Fu wrote on Twitter, “[This is] clearly an evil propaganda organized stunt by the [Chinese Communist Party],” Fu wrote on Twitter. “The guy ‘on fire’ obviously had been covered by fire prevention materials on his whole body so that he can walk away quietly….”

Voice of China Network will continue to report on the Hong Kong situation as it unfolds.