(Hong Kong—Dec. 5, 2019) Hong Kong officials voted not to impeach Chief Executive Carrie Lam today, despite mass calls for her removal.

Earlier this year, Lam introduced a bill that would have paved the way for Hong Kong residents to be tried in China. China is notorious for unjustly targeting religious people and activists. These people enjoy relative freedom in Hong Kong, which has its own governing body.

Lam’s proposal rocked the former British colony. For months now, millions have taken to the streets in protest. Police clashed with them, resulting in chaos and many injuries.

Lam dropped the bill, but the demonstrations continued, fueled by calls for her removal among other demands.

However, some pro-democracy authorities voiced concerns she both failed to listen to the public and supported police violence.

As a result, the Legislative Council, Hong Kong’s lawmaking body, considered impeaching Lam. When the motion came to a vote today, only 26 representatives voted for its passing, while 36 voted against it.