(Nanning, Guangxi—Dec. 6, 2019) Chinese authorities formalized the arrest of a Guangxi-based human rights lawyer on Wednesday.

The attorney, Qin Yongpei, was placed in custody more than a month ago and accused of “inciting subversion of state power.” The Chinese government often uses this charge to frame individuals who stand up for others’ rights.

The government made Qin’s arrest official on Dec. 4.

Officials have also barred him from meeting with an attorney until prosecution begins.

Additionally, the detention center has refused to give Qin clothes for colder weather, which were provided by his family.

Other jailed lawyers have experienced torture while in prison, and Qin’s wife fears he might undergo similar treatment.

After Qin was arrested, police entered his home and seized several items. The family has recovered his daughter’s camera.

Qin’s wife added that her husband was the primary breadwinner for the family. Without him, they are in a very difficult financial period.